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Build from Source

You can build Druid directly from source. Please note that these instructions are for building the latest stable of Druid. For building the latest code in master, follow the instructions here.

Building Druid requires the following: - JDK 7 or JDK 8 - Maven version 3.x

To do so, run these commands:

git clone
cd druid
mvn clean package

This will compile the project and create the Druid binary distribution tar under distribution/target/druid-VERSION-bin.tar.gz.

This will also create a tarball that contains mysql-metadata-storage extension under distribution/target/mysql-metadata-storage-bin.tar.gz. If you want Druid to load mysql-metadata-storage, you can first untar druid-VERSION-bin.tar.gz, then go to druid-<version>/extensions, untar mysql-metadata-storage-bin.tar.gz there. Now just specifiy mysql-metadata-storage in druid.extensions.loadList so that Druid will pick it up. See Including Extensions for more information.