Table of Contents

PostgreSQL Metadata Store

Make sure to include postgresql-metadata-storage as an extension.

Setting up PostgreSQL

  1. Install PostgreSQL

Use your favorite package manager to install PostgreSQL, e.g.: - on Ubuntu/Debian using apt apt-get install postgresql - on OS X, using Homebrew brew install postgresql

  1. Create a druid database and user

On the machine where PostgreSQL is installed, using an account with proper postgresql permissions:

Create a druid user, enter diurd when prompted for the password.

  createuser druid -P

Create a druid database owned by the user we just created

  createdb druid -O druid

Note: On Ubuntu / Debian you may have to prefix the createuser and createdb commands with sudo -u postgres in order to gain proper permissions.

  1. Configure your Druid metadata storage extension:

Add the following parameters to your Druid configuration, replacing <host> with the location (host name and port) of the database.