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pull-deps Tool

pull-deps is a tool that can pull down dependencies to the local repository and lay dependencies out into the extension directory as needed.

pull-deps has several command line options, they are as follows:

-c or --coordinate (Can be specified multiply times)

Extension coordinate to pull down, followed by a maven coordinate, e.g. io.druid.extensions:mysql-metadata-storage

-h or --hadoop-coordinate (Can be specified multiply times)

Hadoop dependency to pull down, followed by a maven coordinate, e.g. org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.4.0


Don't pull down the default hadoop coordinate, i.e., org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.3.0. If -h option is supplied, then default hadoop coordinate will not be downloaded.


Remove exisiting extension and hadoop dependencies directories before pulling down dependencies.

-l or --localRepository

A local repostiry that Maven will use to put downloaded files. Then pull-deps will lay these files out into the extensions directory as needed.

-r or --remoteRepository

Add a remote repository. Unless --no-default-remote-repositories is provided, these will be used after and


Don't use the default remote repositories, only use the repositories provided directly via --remoteRepository.

-d or --defaultVersion

Version to use for extension coordinate that doesn't have a version information. For example, if extension coordinate is io.druid.extensions:mysql-metadata-storage, and default version is 0.12.3, then this coordinate will be treated as io.druid.extensions:mysql-metadata-storage:0.12.3

To run pull-deps, you should

1) Specify and druid.extensions.hadoopDependenciesDir, these two properties tell pull-deps where to put extensions. If you don't specify them, default values will be used, see Configuration.

2) Tell pull-deps what to download using -c or -h option, which are followed by a maven coordinate.


Suppose you want to download druid-rabbitmq, mysql-metadata-storage and hadoop-client(both 2.3.0 and 2.4.0) with a specific version, you can run pull-deps command with -c io.druid.extensions:druid-examples:0.12.3, -c io.druid.extensions:mysql-metadata-storage:0.12.3, -h org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.3.0 and -h org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.4.0, an example command would be:

java -classpath "/my/druid/lib/*" io.druid.cli.Main tools pull-deps --clean -c io.druid.extensions:mysql-metadata-storage:0.12.3 -c io.druid.extensions.contrib:druid-rabbitmq:0.12.3 -h org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.3.0 -h org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.4.0

Because --clean is supplied, this command will first remove the directories specified at and druid.extensions.hadoopDependenciesDir, then recreate them and start downloading the extensions there. After finishing downloading, if you go to the extension directories you specified, you will see

tree extensions
├── druid-examples
│   ├── commons-beanutils-1.8.3.jar
│   ├── commons-digester-1.8.jar
│   ├── commons-logging-1.1.1.jar
│   ├── commons-validator-1.4.0.jar
│   ├── druid-examples-0.12.3.jar
│   ├── twitter4j-async-3.0.3.jar
│   ├── twitter4j-core-3.0.3.jar
│   └── twitter4j-stream-3.0.3.jar
└── mysql-metadata-storage
    ├── jdbi-2.32.jar
    ├── mysql-connector-java-5.1.34.jar
    └── mysql-metadata-storage-0.12.3.jar
tree hadoop-dependencies
└── hadoop-client
    ├── 2.3.0
    │   ├── activation-1.1.jar
    │   ├── avro-1.7.4.jar
    │   ├── commons-beanutils-1.7.0.jar
    │   ├── commons-beanutils-core-1.8.0.jar
    │   ├── commons-cli-1.2.jar
    │   ├── commons-codec-1.4.jar
    ..... lots of jars
    └── 2.4.0
        ├── activation-1.1.jar
        ├── avro-1.7.4.jar
        ├── commons-beanutils-1.7.0.jar
        ├── commons-beanutils-core-1.8.0.jar
        ├── commons-cli-1.2.jar
        ├── commons-codec-1.4.jar
    ..... lots of jars

Note that if you specify --defaultVersion, you don't have to put version information in the coordinate. For example, if you want both druid-rabbitmq and mysql-metadata-storage to use version 0.12.3, you can change the command above to

java -classpath "/my/druid/lib/*" io.druid.cli.Main tools pull-deps --defaultVersion 0.12.3 --clean -c io.druid.extensions:mysql-metadata-storage -c io.druid.extensions.contrib:druid-rabbitmq -h org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.3.0 -h org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.4.0
Please note to use the pull-deps tool you must know the Maven groupId, artifactId, and version of your extension. For Druid community extensions listed here, the groupId is "io.druid.extensions.contrib" and the artifactId is the name of the extension.