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Sort groupBy Query Results

The limitSpec field provides the functionality to sort and limit the set of results from a groupBy query. If you group by a single dimension and are ordering by a single metric, we highly recommend using TopN Queries instead. The performance will be substantially better. Available options are:


The default limit spec takes a limit and the list of columns to do an orderBy operation over. The grammar is:

    "type"    : "default",
    "limit"   : <integer_value>,
    "columns" : [list of OrderByColumnSpec],


OrderByColumnSpecs indicate how to do order by operations. Each order-by condition can be a jsonString or a map of the following form:

    "dimension" : "<Any dimension or metric name>",
    "direction" : <"ascending"|"descending">,
    "dimensionOrder" : <"lexicographic"(default)|"alphanumeric"|"strlen"|"numeric">

If only the dimension is provided (as a JSON string), the default order-by is ascending with lexicographic sorting.

See Sorting Orders for more information on the sorting orders specified by "dimensionOrder".