Open-source infrastructure for Real-time Exploratory Analytics on Large datasets

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Druid is an open-source analytics data store designed for real-time exploratory queries on large-scale event data. Druid provides cost-effective, highly-available real-time data ingestion and arbitrary data exploration.

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Query data as it’s being ingested for both immediate and historical insights. Issue ad-hoc slice-n-dice queries over N-dimensional data with consistent, fast response times.

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Scalable and available; consistent and predictable performance over large data sets. Scale up to increase computation power, scale down to save on costs.

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Built for Analytics

Druid excels at aggregations and supports a variety of filters, calculations, and query types.

Easy to Use

  "queryType"   : "timeseries",
  "dataSource"  : "myData",
  "intervals"   : [ "2013-08-31/2013-09-01" ],
  "granularity" : "hour",
  "aggregations": [
    { "type":"count", "name":"rows" },
    { "type":"doubleSum", "fieldName":"edit_count", "name":"edit_count" }

A simple aggregation query. Druid supports RESTful APIs.